I encountered a problem with my 2002 Subaru Outback where, when it was cold (I live in Minnesota, so it happened a great deal), the car interior would smell like fuel. It was not exhaust smell, but unburned fuel. I did research and found that this was a known problem with the vehicle, and other models as well.


I thought it would be helpful to others to see how I fixed the problem. It was very easy, and worked well. Please note - I am not a mechanic and do not know what might go wrong if you try this yourself. It worked for me, but if you are unsure, take it to a mechanic!


After researching the problem. I found two sites (Auto Boardz and Nasioc ) that referenced the problem. It seemed widespread, so I felt a little better. Both sites recommended tightening the screws in the fuel line. But neither site provided photos or adequate descriptions for what to do. I found the screws, tightened the loose ones, and all worked great. Here are photos of what I found:

If this worked for you, and thus saved you the expense of a trip to the mechanic, feel free to donate below.

This is the right side of the engine compartment - when looking from the front of the car towards the driver seat.

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